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Town Center

Town Centers are the local centers for everyday life that provide convenient access to goods and services with diverse housing options, shopping, and jobs that are closer to where people live.  As housing costs continue to rise and demand for more compact housing increases, Town Centers provide housing choice variety and a sense of community.  Pathways connect residents to sidewalk cafes, plazas and open spaces, drawing people together for business and leisure.  Six Town Center opportunities in Layton are envisioned, each with a unique blend of commercial services, public spaces, and housing variety to be integrated within the surrounding community.  These include four Town Centers in an infill and redevelopment context, including 1. Church & Highway 193, 2. Antelope & Main, 3. Gordon & Fairfield, 4. Gentile & Fairfield, and two Town Centers within a greenfield (vacant land) context, including 5. Highway 89 & Gordon, and 6. West Layton. 

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