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This land use includes residential flats in multi-story building(s) that may be for-rent (apartment) or for-sale (condo) housing, with a density range of 12 to 24+ units per acre.  Buildings may be accessed by elevator to interior hall corridors (with secondary stairwells), or by shared ‘walkup’ stairwells to access smaller groupings of units.  Condo/Apartment uses should provide open space amenity areas, either as common or limited common areas for the use and enjoyment of residents and their guests.  To support a walkable, pedestrian-friendly design format, units should front towards a street or open space green, and garage or parking areas accessed primarily to the rear.  To support building security and strengthen design quality, Condo/Apartment buildings should be designed with interior stairwells with a ground-level entrance that fronts onto a street or common open space3 amenity area.  Garage and/or parking areas should be located and accessed primarily to the rear of buildings.     

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